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Dave Richards for February 14th…………

--Happy “White Valentine’s Day” to you! My friend Joe Callahan commented to me recently that he thought it was a shame that we in Southern New England seldom actually see a “White Christmas”, but we always seem to see a “White Valentine’s Day”. He has a solution for the romantics out there who like singing the song, “White Christmas”. Joe proposes we switch the two holidays and celebrate St. Valentine’s Day on December 25th and Christmas Day on February 14th.

I told him, you know, Joe, at first blush this idea sounds really dumb. But the more you think about it, Christmas in February would liven up the month a little, and it might make December a bit more productive at work, too. It would give everyone 6 more weeks of shopping before Christmas, so maybe they won’t need to start the day after Halloween. I don’t know, I’ve heard crazier ideas get some traction, like changing the time zone which our state operates under. The first time I heard that one I laughed so hard I nearly bust a gut, as it were. Then I learned that the idea was actually introduced into two state legislatures and a third (Rhode Island) was considering it seriously.

So, no matter how dumb an idea sounds or how impossible a proposition appears at first, don’t call it impossible. Mr. Trump was not only nominated, but he was elected President! I learned my lesson on that one.

--Under ‘Old Business’, I want to mention a response I received from a reader who commented on my observations of the Super Bowl game and broadcast. This lady took exception with my opinion that NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell showed some class as he handed the Lombardi Trophy to Mr. Kraft, ignoring the deafening chorus of “boos” from the crowd, and also how I thought the crowd showed little “class” in booing the commissioner. She made a few good points in her letter, noting that even though Tom Brady and Mr. Kraft showed restraint and some dignity in their interactions with Mr. Goodell on the podium, the fans only and best direct interaction with the commissioner that day was to express their displeasure vocally.

She made a good point. There is plenty to disapprove of in Commissioner Goodell’s management of the NFL. My reader also noted the totally unsatisfactory response of the league to domestic abuse issues, which still bothers her. I found myself seeing her point of view as I read her letter. I still don’t agree with her on some points, but this didn’t seem to bother her, it was more the free discussion of our two points of views on the subject which seemed to satisfy us both.

So, let me add to the number of items which I found “classy” last week this young lady’s response to my opinions. It’s a wonderful thing when people can disagree without becoming disagreeable!

--This weekend is a big one for the Northern Rhode Island Council of the Arts. This Saturday evening from 6pm to 8pm we will all gather at River Falls Restaurant to see King Jace XXIII, the Mysterious Monarch of the Woonsocket Mardi Gras, crown the Princesses and the Queen of the local Mardi Gras Ball. Then, immediately after, the newly crowned Queen will remove the disguise of King Jace to find out who has been playing the part of the King since the beginning of 2017. The two will then reign over the Mardi Gras Ball one week later on Saturday February 25th. It’s great fun, and I hope you’ve seen the clues in the local papers and heard them on the radio and will take a chance to guess the name of the well-known man before his mask comes off.

As an aside, I have just learned of another contest which is not associated in any way with the Mardi Gras put on by the NRICA. On social media, somebody has organized a contest to vote for “Woonsocket’s Most Eligible Bachelor”. Six young men from the local area are in the running, and if you are interested in that, you can probably search it up on Face Book. I just mention it because their event is also called Mardi Gras but happens AFTER the official Woonsocket Mardi Gras and I wouldn’t want anyone to confuse the two events.

It’s all about having some fun, isn’t it? I think we should all support good clean fun whenever we have a chance.

--That’s what I think. What do you think? Comments to: dave@onworldwide.com or postal mail to Dave Richards, WOON Radio, 985 Park Avenue, Woonsocket, RI 02895-6332.

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