To our customers,


As part of the annual hydrant flushing program, the Woonsocket Water Division will be flushing the hydrants in the following area tonight: Constitution Hill and Fairmount, East, West, Center, South, Sayles St, Olo St, Mason St, Bourdon Blvd, and 1st through 10th Avenue. Side streets in these areas will be flushed as well.

The flushing will start at 9pm Tuesday, October 22nd and will continue until 5:00am Wednesday, October 23rd.  


Customers may experience discolored water, as well as lower than normal pressure. If you experience rusty water, run your COLD water for a short time to clear the lines.  Store clean water in containers for use until water runs clear.  If possible, please limit water usage during these hours, especially if you notice work crews in your area.


Thank You for Your Cooperation


Woonsocket Water Division 767-1410

Supreme Court nominee Amy Coney Barrett is meeting with several Republican senators today. Vice President Mike Pence escorted Barrett to a meeting with Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell and called Barrett a woman of great character and intellect. He said he hopes Democrats will agree to a fair and respectful confirmation process. President Trump nominated the conservative federal judge to replace liberal Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg, who died recently after a long fight against cancer.       The lawyer for a member of the Breonna Taylor grand jury says his client felt a duty to take action and shine more light on the case. Attorney Kevin Glogower said the anonymous grand juror contacted him just two days after Kentucky Attorney General Daniel Cameron made his announcement. The grand jury recording will be publicly released after the lawyer's client filed a motion to the transcripts and records released.        Tonight's the night of the first debate between President Trump and Democratic nominee Joe Biden. Fox News Sunday anchor Chris Wallace will moderate the 90-minute debate in Cleveland. There will be two more presidential debates on October 15th and 22nd. The vice presidential debate is set for October 7th, pitting VP Mike Pence against California Democratic Senator Kamala [[ COM-uhl-uh ]] Harris.        A top official of the World Health Organization says the actual death toll from the coronavirus pandemic is probably higher than the official count of more than a million. Dr. Mike Ryan is executive director of the organization's health emergencies program. Ryan said Monday that any count is imperfect, but he's sure "the current numbers are likely an underestimate of the true toll."       Eight members of the Tennessee Titans are testing positive for the coronavirus. The new round of positive tests includes three players. Both the Titans and Vikings will halt all in-person activities today after both teams played in Minnesota on Sunday.       Shannen Doherty says she's been treasuring the small moments since learning her cancer was back. The 49-year-old actress found out last year that her breast cancer had returned and spread to her spine. She recently told Elle magazine that having stage four cancer forced her to re-examine her life and her connection with others.