To our customers,


As part of the annual hydrant flushing program, the Woonsocket Water Division will be flushing the hydrants in the following area tonight: Constitution Hill and Fairmount, East, West, Center, South, Sayles St, Olo St, Mason St, Bourdon Blvd, and 1st through 10th Avenue. Side streets in these areas will be flushed as well.

The flushing will start at 9pm Tuesday, October 22nd and will continue until 5:00am Wednesday, October 23rd.  


Customers may experience discolored water, as well as lower than normal pressure. If you experience rusty water, run your COLD water for a short time to clear the lines.  Store clean water in containers for use until water runs clear.  If possible, please limit water usage during these hours, especially if you notice work crews in your area.


Thank You for Your Cooperation


Woonsocket Water Division 767-1410

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