Ladies get out your dresses!


Men, get out your suits!


Everyone put on your dancing shoes for…


The Senior Prom & Dinner! Sponsored by Bellingham High School Student Council


Friday, June 16


4-7 p.m. (Dinner served at 5 p.m.)


Enjoy live music & dancing tunes


RSVP to the Bellingham Senior Center Front desk 508-366-0398.  No fee






MassBar Association “A Legal Checkup”


Tuesday, June 13


6-7 p.m. Q&A to follow


Please sign up at the front desk 508-966-0398






The Bellingham Elder Service Group is hosting a Pasta Dinner Fundraising Event on Saturday, June 24 at 5 p.m.


$10, children under the age of 10 $5


Please sign up at the front desk 508-966-0398 .






Bellingham Senior Center Learning & Cultural Series


Well known Professor & Historian, Gary Hylander will begin a 4 part series entitled “Treason Season”: discussing famous traitors of America’s past. Part 1 of this series features “Benedict Arnold “on Friday, June 23 at 1:30 p.m. Please sign up at the front desk 508-966-0398. No Fee








The Zen of Adult Coloring (Zentangle)


Adult coloring has become very popular lately. Zentagle is an activity that has many health benefits, such as stress reduction, relaxation, and a sense of wellbeing. Join certified instructor Cindy O’Brien!


Cost of this course is $15 PP and includes a coloring book and colored pencils. The event date is Tuesday July 11th from 5 to 7 PM. Please sign up at the front desk 508-966-0398.


Hundreds of immigrant children are being reunited with their families. ICE released a memo saying 500 children have been given back to their parents. This number accounts for just 15-percent of the children separated at the border.       Hawaii Senator Mazie Hirono says the Trump administration is sabotaging healthcare and immigration reform. In the weekly Democratic address, Hirono called for unity in the fight against the Trump administration. The Hawaii Democrat said the President is blaming Democrats as he uses immigrant children as pawns to get his own agenda passed.        A "Washington Post" report reveals there's more to the heart-wrenching picture of a little girl crying at the U.S.-Mexican border. The girl and her mother were reportedly not separated. The photo was captured while the mother was being searched by Border Patrol agents.       New charges are being filed against the man suspected of running over several people on a New York City bike path with a rental truck. A grand jury handed up a superseding indictment against Sayfullo Saipov, hitting him with six attempted murder charges. Saipov threw off his headphones he was using for translation in court today and launched into a speech where he defended the Islamic state.        Police need a search warrant to collect location information from cell phone towers, according to the Supreme Court. Timothy Carpenter was convicted and sentenced to almost 116 years in prison after law enforcement officials used cell-phone records which placed him in the vicinity of the crimes taking place across Michigan and Ohio. Carpenter argued the information should be discarded in his case because there was no search warrant in place for the records.        Today is a great day to give your special someone a kiss. It's National Kissing Day. Relationship expert Marla Mattenson says studies show that kissing triggers the release of feel-good brain chemicals like oxytocin and serotonin. ### Wafa Shahid/at