We are happy to announce our first “Just for Kicks” soccer experience program for Woonsocket residents and/or taxpayers only.


Covid has managed to take a lot away from our kids and while a full program wasn’t able to be put together by the wonderful people of Cracovia Soccer this year (due to the restrictions at the time of the planning phase) they have reported that they will be returning next year!


This program is designed to fill a void, in the meantime, and get those with little to no skill hopefully up to par with those who have played before.  We hope to “catch them up” and not have them lose yet another year of fun, skills and development.   We will be working on skills and drills with some experience with scrimmages.  This program will likely be too slow for those with more intermediate/advanced soccer skills. 


Space is limited so register soon!


As we work to grow our contact lists I ask that you SHARE this email and information with your family, friends, co-workers, clients and residents. 

We rely on word of mouth to continue to make our events/ programs successful and known to everyone, as we simply do not have everyone’s contact email!


Lastly, we ask that if you are not following Woonsocket Parks & Recreation on Facebook, that you do so!  We post all of our most current information and updates on there so that we do not inundate you with emails!


Be well and hope to see you soon!

Liz 😊



Elizabeth Kerrigan

Parks & Recreation Superintendent

1117 River Street – Woonsocket, RI 02985



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