The Woonsocket City Council met in Special Session last night at Harris Hall.  The Council passed a resolution regarding the use of city ARPA funds.  The next order of business was three items regarding Councilwoman Denise Sierra's formal complaint against Mayor Lisa Baldelli-Hunt seeking her removal from office for cause. 

The Council's Attorney informed the council that he had been contacted by the attorney for the mayor asking for a 'continuance', or a delay in the start of the proceedings.  The mayor's attorney assured the council that the mayor was ready and eager to defend herself, but that part of her defense would be the testimony of a list of witnesses, and, among other things it will take time for the council to subpeona those witnesses, in other words, to legally call them to testify.

The motion to grant a continuance for one week was made by Councilman James Conoyer, seconded and passed unanimously by the council, after which, the meeting was immediately ajourned.

The council will now meet on October 4th, just two days short of the 30 day city charter requirement for action.