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Let's start the New Year with #RIMillionPieces


First Lady Susan McKee has a challenge for all Rhode Islanders:

Pick up one piece of litter!


One million RI residents could easily remove one million pieces of litter from our state. With no snow on the ground, we're now seeing litter everywhere, often right on residential property, down neighborhood streets, or at our office parking areas.


Litter doesn’t have to stay in RI.

If we all just pick up one piece, RI will be one million pieces cleaner!

Join our challenge in January -- here is all you do:



#1 Pick Up A Piece of Litter -- We are asking every RI resident to go out somewhere in Rhode Island by January 31st, and pick up one piece of litter. Pretty easy huh? If you get in the groove, keep going. More pieces are even better.


#2 Share on Social Media -- Go to the KBVB's facebook or Instagram page and post your photo with at least one piece of litter and the location with the hashtag #RIMillionPieces.


#3 See Your Efforts & Results -- In February, we will track all the posts and tabulate the items you all collect. It will be interesting to see all your efforts. And another even better result will be removing all that litter from our streets.


Will we make the One Million Piece Goal? It will be up to you, but we are feeling really positive. We know our Rhode Islanders are a force that steps up

to better our communities.



Keep Blackstone Valley Beautiful



Cleanup, education & beautification events


Cumberland High School

Yellow Bag Day Cleanup Event

Leo Savoie & Mrs. McKee

Education & Cleanup Event


Beautification Event


In April launched the website




Held more cleanups


Dell - Planet NE Team

Cleanup Event


Governor & State Leaders

East Providence

Earth Day Cleanup

Providence College

Cleanup Event


Celebrated America Recycles Day with First Lady Susan McKee


For America Recycles Day, celebrated on November 15th annually, Rhode Island made this video "How RI Can Improve Recycling".


This video reminded everyone of this very important recycling issue:

No Plastic Bags in Recycling!


Susan McKee visited our state recycling facility in Johnston to see first hand the challenges plastic film causes when improperly placed with good mixed recycling.

How Rhode Island Can Improve Recycling


Cleanups with our Youth & Local Businesses



Work Opportunities

Cleanup Event

Pawtucket Youth Council

Earth Day Cleanup Event


Kohl's Cares - North Smithfield

Cleanup Event


Honored the 50th Anniversary of ZAP with Multiple Cleanups / Greenups & a Celebration


ZAP 50 honored the efforts of the original day this year.


Our cleanup/ greenup day had over 2,000 volunteers, 115 events, many repeat and new volunteers, cleaned a lot of litter off our streets, while they had lots of fun. See some highlights in the video.


Then we celebrated in September with recognitions and music, as we all came together for our environment.

More details @ ZAP the Blackstone Website





Launched the ZAP 50 to be on the Water to Better

Clean & Maintain the River


ZAP 50 Boat Launch


More events -- These businesses each did two events this year


GZA GeoEnvironmental

2 Cleanup Events



2 Cleanup Events


WinnCompanies - Prospect Heights

Cleanup Event

WinnCompanies - Multiple Offices

Beautification Event


and KBVB makes the Keep America Beautiful 2022 National Highlights!


2022 Keep America Beautiful Highlights


We look forward to another big year in 2023. There are many ways to get involved. Sign up below. We can't wait to get together

and better our environment.


Volunteer with KBVB


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Keep Blackstone Valley Beautiful


The KBVB mission is to inspire & empower individuals to improve our communities

through ending litter, reducing waste and beautifying the Blackstone Valley.