RIPTA Statement on behalf of Scott Avedisian:


The challenges at RIPTA are many and stretch back many years.  Since my first day here I have worked with the dedicated RIPTA team to make us better, and we have accomplished a great deal.  We have balanced the agency budget and increased capital funding.  We have added new buses and paratransit vehicles to our fleet and the agency’s pension plan is in a much better place.  Based on this record, we received over $45 million in federal grants, a testament to the good work of the RIPTA team.  Meanwhile, we were one of only a few transit agencies in the United States not to cut service during the pandemic.


But there is a lot more to do.  I look forward to having the opportunity to speak with the Senate about their concerns, then working together with them to secure the resources it will take to address the remaining challenges RIPTA faces.