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April 27, 2018

Contact: Mayor Lisa Baldelli-Hunt

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WOONSOCKET, RI: The Woonsocket Police Department has issued 54 Summons to Appear in Rhode Island Traffic Tribunal next month to the owners of vehicles with out-of-state registrations who have violated state law by either parking or garaging their vehicles in the City for more than 30 days. Rhode Island state law requires vehicle owners to register their vehicle with the municipality where it is either parked or garaged.

Mayor Lisa Baldelli-Hunt remains hopeful that the upcoming Court appearances will provoke a positive behavioral change among those vehicle owners who have yet to legally register their vehicles with the City. New residents are required to update a registration within 10 days from the date of moving to a new address. Failure to comply will result in vehicle owners being summoned and held accountable by the Woonsocket Police Department and the City of Woonsocket Tax Assessors’ Office.

"This Administration, the Chief of Police, and the men and women of the Woonsocket Police Department worked hard to identify and cite illegally registered vehicles in our City. I am extremely proud of this effort and anticipate others, not yet identified, will comply with the law or be cited," stated Mayor Lisa Baldelli-Hunt.

The Woonsocket Police Department mailed each summons with a letter explaining the violation, a copy of the state law and a Tax Assessor’s letter listing the motor vehicle tax obligation required of each Woonsocket resident to the City.

The recently issued court notices resulted from the Morning Platoon of the Woonsocket Police Department’s vigorous overnight monitoring of City streets and collection of data that began in February.

Director of Public Safety Eugene Jalette commended police for their diligence and stated, "It is vital to police and other public safety departments that vehicle registration be accurate, especially during an emergency."

"The Woonsocket Police Department is planning to continue monitoring the City of Woonsocket for out-of-state vehicles violating this section of the motor vehicle code, which we consider to be a concern to Public Safety," noted Chief Thomas F. Oates, III.

Additionally, the police will notify the City of Woonsocket Tax Assessor’s Office of vehicle violations so it can take the appropriate actions related to taxes owed to the City of Woonsocket.