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President Trump is telling supporters to elect more Republicans to Congress if they want tough immigration laws. During a rally in Duluth, Minnesota, Trump said Democrats want open borders and put the welfare of illegal immigrants ahead of American citizens. Trump promised to keep the border as tough as it has been after he signed an executive order Wednesday to end the separation of illegal immigrant families who try to cross the border.       The Secret Service is aware of comments made by actor Peter Fonda regarding President Trump's 12-year-old son Barron. Fonda tweeted that Barron should be taken from his mother and put "in a cage with pedophiles." Fonda later apologized, admitting that he went too far in protesting the policy of separating immigrant children from their parents.        Former New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg is pledging 80-million-dollars of his own money to rid Congress of Republicans. In a letter published on, he says Republicans haven't done much to reach across the aisle to come up with solutions on issues like gun control, climate change, and immigration.       A bidding war is underway for 21st Century Fox's sports and entertainment units. Disney announced this morning it's bumping its offer to more than 71-billion dollars in a cash-and-stock bid. The new offer is more than six-billion above Comcast's 65-billion dollar all-cash bid.        Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau is setting a date of October 17th to start legal sales of marijuana. The country's senate gave final passage to a measure to legalize pot Tuesday. Trudeau said waiting until October will give provinces enough time to figure out how to set up distribution networks.