Mar 7, 2017


Woonsocket Dog Park planning underway

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Posted by: Craig

Woonsocket Dog Park planning underway
Mayor names five to volunteer committee

WOONSOCKET, R.I.: Mayor Lisa Baldelli-Hunt today announced the formation of a Community Dog Park committee tasked with developing recommendations for a future dog park in the City. The five-member volunteer committee will be led by City Councilor Melissa Murray, a longtime dog park advocate and dog owner.
“Creating a dog park within our community enhances the options of public recreational spaces offered to residents and addresses the needs of the many dog owners in the City,” said Mayor Lisa Baldelli-Hunt. “Dog parks have proven to be wildly successful in cities across the country and I know we can replicate that kind of success within Woonsocket. As a proud owner of a rescue dog, I am sensitive to the competing uses of our beautiful parks and believe this project will bring a new dynamic to the City in addition to providing space for our beloved canines.”

The committee, led by City Councilor Melissa Murray, also includes:

- Director of Public Works Steven D’Agostino or his designee.

- Amy Devereaux, Legal Assistant.

- Eric Boyko, Rescue Lieutenant, Woonsocket Fire Department.

- Kelly Wilson, City resident and veterinarian technician.


“As a long-time advocate on this issue, I am thrilled to see the City moving forward with a dog park,” said City Councilor Melissa Murray. “This is a long awaited project for many residents. Additionally, investing in our public parks and having diverse recreational spaces attracts visitors to our city and helps to build a stronger community.”

The committee will conduct a review of potential sites throughout the City and examine the best practices implemented in other communities before submitting recommendations to the Mayor. Expected topics of discussion will include “pop-up” dog parks, multiple sites, park footprint, and ideal location(s).

“I would like to thank our volunteer committee for stepping up and sharing their passion by making a meaningful contribution to our City,” added Mayor Baldelli-Hunt. “Our goal is to improve quality of life within the community through innovative projects such as this.”