Jan 28, 2013

Over 25 Participate in NS Open Government Training

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Posted by: Anonymous

NORTH SMITHFIELD –Town Administrator Paulette Hamilton hosted the third annual “Open Government and Ethics Training” in North Smithfield on last Wednesday.  The session included the RI Access to Public Records Act (APRA) and Open Meetings Act compliance.

Lisa Pinsonneault, Special Assistant Attorney General, presented information on the substantive and procedural changes in APRA that took effect in 2012. “I applaud the changes in APRA that give the public more rights and make more records available”, said Hamilton. “Open government is the cornerstone to our democracy”.

Another change in APRA requires persons who have the authority to grant or deny Access to Public Records Act requests to receive training by the Department of Attorney General and must be certified each calendar year.

Over 25 members of boards, commissions and staff attended the session conducted by Attorney Pinsonneault.