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President Trump wants a renegotiated NAFTA deal to include tighter immigration controls. Trump floated the idea at a business roundtable today in Duluth, Minnesota. The president said Mexico could stop illegal immigration into the U.S., but chooses not to do anything.        A presidential directive officially ending the controversial border separation policy is now in effect. During an Oval Office signing ceremony today, President Trump said it's about keeping families together while also ensuring border security. The executive order allows children to remain with their parents in illegal immigration detention centers.        Federal investigators are demanding "The National Enquirer" turn over information as part of their investigation into President Trump's lawyer Michael Cohen. The "Wall Street Journal" says American Media Inc. is being hit with a subpoena requesting details about a payment to a former Playboy model who claimed she had an affair with Trump. The tabloid reportedly paid Karen McDougal 150-thousand-dollars for her story, but never published it.        Instagram is launching a new mobile app that allows users to post hour-long videos. The app is called IGTV and will feature user-generated videos from up and coming internet celebrities, artists and others. Instagram CEO Kevin Systrom says with fewer teens watching TV, "it's time for video to move forward and evolve."        The Vatican is removing a prominent Catholic cardinal from public ministry over sexual abuse allegations. The New York Archdiocese says Cardinal Theodore McCarrick has been found to have abused a teenager decades ago while serving as a priest in New York. The 87-year-old McCarrick, who led the Archdiocese of Washington, DC maintains his innocence.       A man sporting a facial tattoo of a gun is charged with illegally possessing a weapon. Police in Greenville, South Carolina say Michael Vines tried to toss away a loaded .38 caliber revolver after a recent car wreck. Investigators found the gun and charged Vines with unlawfully carrying a firearm, driving with a suspended license, and speeding.