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President Trump is hoping for a meeting with North Korean leader Kim Jong Un in the coming weeks. Trump told a news conference at Mar-a-Lago yesterday he wants to see a peaceful, nuclear-free Korean peninsula, and said a bright path is available to North Korea. CIA Director Mike Pompeo met recently with Kim as a prelude to a Trump summit.        President Trump says he's been "totally transparent" in the Russia probe. At Mar-a-Lago yesterday, Trump insisted there was no collusion with Russia in the 2016 presidential campaign, and accused Democrats of fueling the Russia investigation. When asked if he plans to fire Special Counsel Robert Mueller [[ MULL-er ]] or Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein [[ ROSE-en-styne ]], Trump said, they are still on the job.        The NTSB is interviewing the crew of the Southwest Airlines flight that was forced into an emergency landing after an engine blew up. At a news conference yesterday, NTSB Chairman Robert Sumwalt said an official transcript from the plane's cockpit voice recorder will be made public. A woman passenger was killed Tuesday when she was partially pulled through a window that broke during the explosion.        A Minnesota attorney will announce today on whether to charge anyone in the death of Prince. The announcement comes two years after the music icon's body was found in an elevator at his Paisley Park estate. Prince died of a massive overdose of fentanyl in April of 2016. The "Star Tribune" says authorities believe Prince took the pills not knowing they contained fentanyl.        Careers are over in the Tennessee Air National Guard after a video surfaced of a senior non-commissioned officer using a dinosaur puppet for her re-enlistment oath of office. The colonel who led the ceremony was demoted and forced to retire. The woman re-enlisting, Master Sergeant Robin Brown, was removed from her job with the Tennessee Joint Public Affairs Office.        Senator Bernie Sanders is throwing his support behind Cardi B. The "Bodak Yellow" rapper said in a "GQ" interview last week that Franklin Delano Roosevelt was "the real 'Make America Great Again'" president because he created Social Security. On Twitter yesterday, Bernie Sanders said Cardi B is right, and that the federal insurance program needs to be strengthened in order to make America great.