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Congresswoman Maxine Waters is being called out by President Trump for her recent comments. In a tweet today, Trump said the California Democrat has an "extraordinarily low IQ." He accused Waters of encouraging harm to his supporters and said, "Be careful what you wish for Max!" Waters called on people to publicly harass Trump administration officials.        President Trump is calling the United States' immigration system "a mockery to good immigration policy." On Twitter, Trump wants the U.S. to have an immigration system that's based on merit. The President added that when someone comes into the country "we must immediately, with no judges or court cases, bring them back from where they came."        A florist in Washington state is getting a new hearing after refusing to serve a gay wedding. The U.S. Supreme Court said it wouldn't hear the case of Arlene's Flowers or deny its owner's appeal outright, but the justices did ask Washington's Supreme Court to determine if owner Barronelle Stutzman was treated fairly by state courts. The justices sent the case back "for further consideration in light" of an earlier decision in favor of a Colorado baker.       A firefighter is dead in California after responding to a shooting at a senior living facility. Long Beach Fire Chief Michael DuRee says a second firefighter who was shot is in stable condition and a civilian was also transported in critical condition. A person of interest has been detained and a weapon was recovered, but the investigation into the incident is ongoing.        An investigation is ongoing into what caused more than two dozen workers to become ill in a Massachusetts e-cigarette manufacturing plant. Fire crews and a hazmat team were called to the Thermal Circuits plant in Salem last night after workers began to suffer breathing problems and nausea. Workers described the plant as mass hysteria as nearly 500 employees flooded out of the plant and one worker suffered an apparent seizure.        The "Old Man" on Pawn Stars is dead. Rick Harrison said his 77-year-old father Richard passed away this morning while surrounded by family and friends. A spokesperson for History Channel, the network which airs the show, told TMZ they'll greatly miss him for his wisdom and candor. It's not immediately known what the cause of death is.