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President Trump is demanding an investigation into whether his campaign was infiltrated or surveilled for political purposes by the FBI or the Department of Justice. He took to Twitter yesterday he said he will tell the Department of Justice to look into the allegations today. Trump wants to find out if any such demands or requests were made by people within the Obama administration.        Texas Governor Greg Abbott is asking for a moment of silence at ten o'clock Central time this morning in honor of the victims of Friday's school shooting in Santa Fe. The governor's statement called the shooting an "act of evil," and called for prayers for the families of the victims as well as "swift and meaningful action to protect our students" statewide.        Lava from the Kilauea [[ KILL-uh-WAY-uh ]] volcano in Hawaii has reached the Pacific Ocean. According to Hawaii County Civil Defense, lava near the Leilani Estates subdivision on Hawaii's Big Island reached the ocean over the weekend. In addition to that, the Hawaiian Volcano Observatory is reporting that sulfur dioxide emissions have greatly increased.        Starbucks is changing its bathroom policy after police were called on two black men in Philadelphia who asked to use the bathroom and were told it was for customers only. The coffee chain says its bathrooms are now open to anyone who enters their stores, even if they don't buy anything. An email sent to employees explained that anyone entering a Starbucks is going to be considered a customer.        An associate pastor of a church in Palo Alto, California is resigning after his controversial tweets were brought to light. The pastor's Twitter account was deleted but not before someone took pictures of the tweets criticizing the city and its leadership as "elitist." The reverend of the church says the tweets were made in poor taste but that the pastor has a first amendment right to free expression.       The Billboard Music Awards will have special memories for students of Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School. The choir from the Parkland, Florida school performed at last night's show in Las Vegas. They sang "Youth" with Shawn Mendes [[ MEN-dez ]] and Khalid [[ kuh-LEED ]] and received a standing ovation.