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President Trump is telling Congress to send an immigration bill to his desk. While speaking to House Republicans, Trump made it clear he would support either of the two immigration bills up for a vote this week. Trump also reportedly demanded a bill that would let families to stay together if they're captured at the border.        North Korea is set to start returning remains of American soldiers killed during the Korean War. The Trump administration thinks as many as 200 sets of remains could be transfered to the U.S. in the coming days. The return of remains was one of the points agreed to at President Trump's recent summit with North Korean leader Kim Jong Un.        The city of Charleston, South Carolina is issuing an apology for slavery. The city council adopted the resolution denouncing and apologizing for the city's role in the slave trade. The measure also notes that slave labor allowed Charleston to prosper, while it brutalized and humiliated those who were enslaved.        There's a sharp increase in sexual assaults on airplanes. The FBI says reports of sexual assaults aboard airplanes has nearly doubled since 2014. An FBI report released this week says 63 sexual assaults aboard airplanes were reported during 2017. That's up from 38 in 2014. An FBI official says the attacks generally occur on long flights when the cabin is dark and the victim is sleeping.        A Michael Jackson musical is on its way to Broadway. The Michael Jackson estate and Columbia Live Stage unveiled plans for a musical inspired by the life of Jackson. Producers hope the as yet untitled show will be ready by 2020.