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Democrats and Republicans are viewing the Hillary Clinton email report very differently. The new report put out by Justice Department Inspector General Michael Horowitz accuses former FBI Director James Comey [[ COE-me ]], the FBI and the Justice Department of mishandling the Clinton email investigation. Horowitz said Comey's actions negatively impacted the image of the FBI.        The Attorney General says the White House doesn't want to see children separated from their immigrant parents at the border. In New Orleans today, Attorney General Jeff Sessions said parents are putting their own children in danger by trying to sneak them into the country. The Trump White House is dealing with growing criticism over the policy.        Several first ladies are voicing their concerns about Trump administration's zero-tolerance immigration policy. Former First Ladies Laura Bush and Michelle Obama are criticizing the policy. In an op-ed in the "Washington Post," Bush says the current policy of separating immigrant children from their parents at the border is breaking her heart.        Stocks are opening a new week mixed at the closing bell as investors continue to worry about a possible trade war with China. The Dow Jones Industrial Average fell 103 points to 24-987. The Nasdaq was up one point to 77-47. The S&P 500 lost six points to 27-74.        Heather Locklear is recovering in the hospital after she allegedly tried to commit suicide. TMZ reports the actress was taken in yesterday afternoon for a psychological evaluation, after a family member says she was trying to find a gun to shoot herself. This comes following Locklear's arrest earlier this year, where she allegedly attacked her boyfriend and then threatened to shoot responding officers if they ever came back to her home.        Jay-Z and Beyonce are releasing their first joint album. The couple released a surprise nine-track collaborative record over the weekend called "Everything Is Love." They are currently on their "On the Run II" tour, and they debuted the project during their show in London on Saturday.