Nov 22, 2013


Ghost Army Tank at the Museum of Work & Culture

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Posted by: Craig

Ghost Army Tank at the Museum of Work & Culture

Come see the life-size inflatable tank on display at the Museum of Work & Culture. Unveiled at the RI theatrical premiere of Rick Beyer’s documentary, The Ghost Army at the Stadium Theatre on November 7, the tank is part of the complementary exhibit The Ghost Army of WWII – Artists of Deception, on display until January 31, 2014. War, deception, and art come together in this exhibit that tells the astonishing true story of American G.I.s who duped Hitler’s army with carefully crafted illusions. During WWII, the 23rd HQ Special Troops undertook a bizarre mission: to deceive the Axis forces on the battlefields of Europe by means of visual and auditory subterfuge, including an array of inflatable weapons and transport, phony radio broadcasts, and even playacting! The exhibit, sponsored by Blackstone Valley Tourism, features rare deception artifacts (including the inflatable tank!), photographs, and reproduction of the art created by the soldiers of the 23rd,. Also presented is the exclusive segment on Woonsocket’s role in Ghost Army, especially produced by Beyer for this exhibit.