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President Trump is calling for supporters to help elect Republicans to Congress so he can get tough on immigration. At a rally in Minnesota, Trump accused Democrats of wanting open borders and putting the well being of illegal immigrants over American citizens. He said Republicans will usher in a humane system of immigration.        The Department of Labor and Education could be soon be merged. The Trump administration is going to recommend combining the two departments on Thursday. Congress would need to put its stamp of approval on the move before it becomes official.        Senators from both sides of the aisle are warning of Russian interference in the upcoming midterm elections. At a hearing Wednesday, North Carolina Republican Richard Burr said the U.S. needs to get ready for Russian meddling. He noted that Russia is adept at spreading misinformation on social media. Virginia Democrat Mark Warner said Russian interference shouldn't be underestimated.        The FBI says there's been an increase in sexual assaults on airline flights. Last year, the FBI opened 63 investigations into assaults during flights, compared to just 38 in 2014. Many of the assaults take place on flights over three hours long or red-eye flights when passengers are sleeping and the cabin is dark.        A weapons charge is being leveled against a South Carolina man with a gun tattoo on his face. Police in Greenville, South Carolina say Michael Vines tried to toss away a loaded .38 caliber revolver after a recent car wreck. Police found the gun and charged Vines with unlawfully carrying a firearm, driving with a suspended license, and speeding.