Mar 22, 2014

Sen. Richard T. Moore

Sen. Moore encourages town governments and non-profits to explore savings
available through state contracts

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Sen. Moore encourages town governments and non-profits to explore savings
available through state contracts

BOSTON - Municipal governments and qualified not-for-profit organizations
are among those eligible to take advantage of the many statewide contracts
that are bid by state government, according to Sen. Richard T. Moore,
D-Uxbridge. Town departments and non-profits can often save money, obtain
reliable products and services, and reduce the administrative burden of
bidding for public contracts.

The Massachusetts Operational Services Division (OSD) is returning to the
DCU Center in Worcester to host the Annual MASSbuys EXPO on Thursday May
1st. Nearly 3,000 buyers and sellers are expected to gather for the full day
event. Free educational workshops, over 350 exhibitors featuring new
products and services on contract will also be available to attendees.

"The MASSbuys EXPO offers a great opportunity for town officials, leaders of
non-profit organizations, and others to learn about the advantages of
utilizing state contracts to obtain products and services," Sen. Moore
explained. "Town and local school officials are always telling taxpayers
that they are doing what they can to save money and do more for less. The
EXPO might actually help them achieve that goal."

Moore suggested that the EXPO is also a good opportunity for businesses to
learn the pros and cons of seeking to do business with the state. "The state
spends millions to provide services to the public, and area businesses
seeking to grow can talk with those who are already working with state
contracts to learn how to cash in on this important market," he said.
"Increasing the competition for state bid contracts will help state
taxpayers get the best price as well."

The MASSbuys EXPO is the largest business to government trade show in
Massachusetts. Designed exclusively for Commonwealth statewide contractors
and public purchasing and procurement officials, this event provides the
one-of-a-kind opportunity to network with both public procurement officials
and the supplier community. This event offers vendors on statewide contracts
the opportunity to showcase their products and services to Commonwealth

Over 450 government agencies, municipalities, non-profits and educational
institutions from across the Commonwealth will be participating. Business
leaders can attend many events, but if selling to the government is their
goal, they simply can't afford to miss MASSbuys.

In addition to city and town government and non-profits, state contracts can
be used by Commonwealth legislative and judicial departments, authorities,
community colleges, state universities, and other eligible entities. The
emphasis at the EXPO is on teaming with these eligible entities to enhance
service delivery, provide technical assistance and facilitate best-value

Non-profits that are interested in becoming qualified for non-profit
purchasing programs should visit:

For more information about the Massbuys EXPO, visit

For more information about Sen. Moore, visit, or follow
him on Facebook ( or Twitter