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The alleged Tennessee Waffle House shooter Travis Reinking is still at large, and police say he's considered armed and dangerous. The 29-year-old is accused of killing four people when he stormed a Waffle House early Sunday morning and opened fire. Police say Reinking may have at least one gun on him. Police have swarmed homes and have trekked through nearby wooded areas in search of the suspect, who they believe is near Nashville.        The Trump administration is pushing North Korea to dismantle its nuclear weapons programs before granting any sanction relief. The "Wall Street Journal" quotes a senior White House official saying that President Trump will not make substantial concessions without North Korea getting rid of its nuclear program. The official says Trump won't repeat the same mistakes of past administrations. President Trump and North Korea's leader are gearing up for a meeting sometime soon.       French President Emmanuel Macron [[ MAH-crohn ]] thinks the United States has a crucial role to play in Syria. On "Fox News Sunday," Macron noted the continuing U.S. influence in the country is very important. The French leader added after the end of the war against ISIS, France, the U.S., its allies and all the countries in the region will have a very important role to play in order to build a new Syria and ensure that the Syrian people decide their future.       New rules governing the Internet are supposed to kick-in today but may be delayed. Earlier this year, the FCC voted to repeal Obama-era rules on net neutrality. That would give Internet service providers the right to slow or block traffic on certain websites, or charge fees for quicker delivery of some content. Since then, nearly two-dozen state attorneys general have filed suit to block the FCC rules change.        Former New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg is paying America's portion of the Paris Climate Agreement this year. On CBS' "Face the Nation," Bloomberg said the donation comes out to four-and-a-half-million dollars. He explained America made a commitment to the agreement and as an American who's able to do it, he's going to make the donation. President Trump pulled the United States out of the agreement last year and Bloomberg hopes Trump will change his mind.        The horror feature "A Quiet Place" earned an estimated 22-million dollars in the U.S. and Canada. The film has made just over 132-million bucks domestically since its release 17 days ago. Coming in second is last week's top movie "Rampage," which raked in 22-million. The Dwayne Johnson film is expected to make nearly 67-million dollars after ten days in North America's theaters.