Aug 7, 2014

Rhode Island

Dan McKee to be Featured on Education Fundraising Platform The DFER List

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Posted by: Craig

Dan McKee to be Featured on Education Fundraising Platform The DFER List

 Providence – 8/7/2014 – Dan McKee today announced that he will be featured on The DFER List (, an innovative, public fundraising platform operated by Democrats for Education Reform (DFER), in support of his campaign for Lieutenant Governor of Rhode Island.  

 The DFER List empowers the public to help elect Democrats passionate about improving America’s public schools. Education is a key issue for Dan McKee: if elected, he will work to build better schools for kids by increasing state education funding and reaching out to school districts across the state to explore inter-district collaboration that will drive quality while saving money.

 “I am proud to be a national leader in education reform and look forward to continuing to be a significant force for the improvement of public school education in Rhode Island”, stated McKee.

 The DFER List was designed to connect champions for high-quality education with a broad base of donors,” said DFER Executive Director Joe Williams. “The List offers a transparent one-stop shop for first-time supporters and longtime activists to contribute to the Democratic candidates, causes, and organizations across the country that matter most to them, and we’re proud to extend our support to Dan Mckee as he fights for our kids in Rhode Island.”   


Past Democratic leaders featured on The DFER List include Senator Mary Landrieu (D-LA), Senator Kay Hagan (D-NC), and Representative Jared Polis (D-CO), among many others.