Aug 7, 2014

Rhode Island

FAGNANT campaign criticizes Casey funding sources

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Posted by: Craig

FAGNANT campaign criticizes Casey funding sources

The Independent candidate for RI State House of Representative District
50 of Woonsocket Richard Fagnant criticized RI State Representative Casey over the sources of his campaign contributions.
Casey's latest fundraising report found he has raised another $9,800 in campaign contributions from the Political Action Committees. (SPECIAL INTERESTS GROUPS) In the first two years since July 2012 Casey alone has raised more than $45,440 from Special Interest Groups. It's no surprise to Fagnant's campaign that big finance from the Special Interests Groups would come in to fuel his opponent to keep the RI State House District
50 seat Woonsocket for themselves rather then recognize it as the People's seat in District 50.

In a State Law Title 45 Towns and Cities Chapter 45-19 Relief of Injured and Deceased Fire Fighter and Police Officers in Rhode Island, Section 45-19-12.1. This original bill which became law, will provide Free Tuition to children of deceased or disabled, and covers auxiliary and volunteer fire fighters and policemen from 16 years of age up to the age of twenty one years of age to attend any University or College operated by the state of RI. In the last General Assembly 2014 House Bill H7043 was introduced by Representative Casey and amended to bring the age up to twenty-five years of age. These types of bills introduced by Casey and other members of the General Assembly cater to Special Interest Groups and not to the taxpayers of District 50, the City of Woonsocket, RI and the rest of the State.