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Hours after signing an executive order ending the separation of families who try to cross the border, President Trump is highlighting the issue of illegal immigration in a call for the election of more Republicans to Congress. During a rally in Duluth, Minnesota, Trump said Democrats want open borders and put the welfare of illegal immigrants ahead of American citizens. Trump insisted that he wants people to come to the United States, but he wants a system based on merit.        The House is expected to consider immigration legislation Thursday, though it's unclear if the votes exist to pass anything. At the Capitol on Wednesday, GOP House Speaker Paul Ryan called it "very good compromise legislation." He said it aims to solve many "broken immigration parts." That includes DACA, the Obama-era policy that has protected Dreamers.        President Trump's former personal attorney Michael Cohen is stepping down from the Republican National Committee's Finance Committee. Citing the ongoing investigation by Special Counsel Robert Mueller, Cohen said he's resigning as the committee's deputy finance chair. He wrote that the role requires personal attention he's just not able to give right now.        Tesla is suing a former employee for allegedly hacking into company computers and divulging trade secrets. The lawsuit filed in federal court in Nevada accuses Martin Tripp of transferring gigabytes of confidential data to unnamed third parties.        Instagram is out with a new mobile app that allows users to post hour-long videos. The app is called IGTV and will feature user-generated videos from up and coming internet celebrities, artists and others. The move heats up the competition with YouTube and other popular ad-supported streaming services.