The Biden administration is revealing some of what the President will talk about tonight in his State of the Union address. The White House says topics will include making more progress on ending cancer, dealing with mental health issues, and tackling the ongoing opioid epidemic. On the last topic, the administration wants to work with Congress to toughen penalties on those who supply fentanyl.        The death toll from a massive earthquake in Turkey and Syria is rising at a rapid pace. At last report, more than 77-hundred people were dead. More than five-thousand of those deaths happened in Turkey.        Two Customs and Border Protection agents are sharing their experiences on the southern border with Congress. In testimony before the House Oversight Committee, agent Gloria Chavez of the Rio Grande Valley Sector in Texas said the border is being exploited daily by cartels for human smuggling, narcotics trafficking and other illegal activities. She explained how cartels are using drone technology for counter-surveillance and to pinpoint where agents are located along the border.        A Memphis police officer is under fire after he texted photos of a beaten and bloodied Tyre Nichols to at least five people. Video footage of Nichols' fatal arrest was released last month, which showed officers repeatedly kicking, hitting, and tazing him before propping him up against a police car. In the footage, an officer can be seen taking pictures on his cellphone.        Paul Pelosi is set to make his most significant public appearance since he was attacked in October. The husband of former House Speaker Nancy Pelosi will attend the President's State of the Union Address tonight as a guest of first lady Jill Biden. Pelosi is still recovering after David DePape broke into his San Francisco home and fractured his skull with a hammer.        Michael Jackson's estate is preparing to make a massive deal for half of his catalog. TMZ reports MJ's estate is considering selling a 50-percent interest for nearly nine-hundred-million-dollars. There appears to be talk of a sale happening between the estate and Sony, which was Jackson's long-term label.