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President Trump is expected to sign a bill today that funds the government through September. Senate passed a huge spending bill late last night, narrowly avoiding what would have been the third government shutdown this year. Included in the thick bill is funding for the first stage of construction of a massive wall along the U.S.-Mexico border.       The turnover continues at the Trump White House. The President tweeted yesterday that national security advisor H.R. McMaster will be replaced next month by former UN Ambassador John Bolton. Rumors of McMaster's departure came up last week but were dismissed by the White House. One of Trump's lawyers is also resigning.       Facebook's chief operating officer says the Cambridge Analytica scandal is likely to lead to more government regulation. Sheryl Sandberg said on CNBC's "Closing Bell" yesterday that Facebook is open to regulation, and that they work with lawmakers all over the world. The data research firm that worked with the Trump campaign is accused of abusing the personal data of 50-million Facebook users.        The City of Atlanta is investigating a cyber attack that may have affected thousands of residential and business customers. Outages were reported yesterday on computer systems for online bill paying and for access to court documents. Atlanta's mayor says anyone who has done business with the city could be at risk. The FBI and Department of Homeland Security is assisting.        The governor of Louisiana is apparently in favor of shortening the window for a woman to get an abortion. Governor John Bel Edwards said on his weekly radio show yesterday that he would be "inclined to sign" legislation that bans abortions in Louisiana after 15 weeks of pregnancy. State law currently prohibits abortions in most cases after 20 weeks.        Four teams are on their way to the Elite Eight in the NCAA college basketball tournament. In the South, Loyola-Chicago beat Nevada 69-68 and Kansas State topped Kentucky 61-58. In the West, Michigan trounced Texas A&M 99-72 and Florida State foiled Gonzaga 75-60. Loyola will clash with Kansas State tomorrow and Michigan will face Florida State.