King Jace

With February fast approaching, the Northern Rhode Island Council of the Arts is ramping up their preparations for Woonsocket’s Mardi Gras Celebration.  Major events include the Coronation of the Queen of the Woonsocket Mardi Gras on Saturday February 18th at River Falls Restaurant and the Mardi Gras Ball on the following Saturday, February 25th. 

In the weeks leading up to Mardi Gras, as Queen’s contestants compete to become the lady monarch, one man in the local area observes the preparations from a unique perspective.  That man is the King of the Woonsocket Mardi Gras, the mysterious King Jace.   King Jace, who never goes out in public without his regal costume, scepter, bicycle horn, beard, moustache, wig, and sunglasses (even at night) is a man whose true identity is hidden from the crowds who greet him. 


Only three people truly know who King Jace is under his costume.  Everyone else guesses.  To aid in the guessing, ten clues and ten photos have been prepared which describe the man under the costume.  Here are the clues to the identity of King Jace XXIII…….


King Jace:

1.--Prefers the serenity of the ocean to large noisy crowds.

2.--Rejects escargot for a simple chicken dinner.

3.--Earned a Bachelor's Degree, but is now a family man.

4.--Loves the excitement of travel, dislikes the routine of a daily schedule.

5.--Is frequently on the run.

6.--Has a way with words.

7.--Has been honored in the past.

8.--Has many friends who are veterans.

9.--Is a local boy, but his work is known far and wide.

10.-Listens well.


If after reading the clues you think you know the true identity of the man playing King Jace XXIII, put a dollar in an official King Jace Quest envelope, available at the offices of WNRI Radio 786 Diamond Hill Road, The Call 75 Main Street, and WOON Radio 985 Park Avenue, all Woonsocket.  Or mail guesses to King Jace Quest, WOON Radio 985 Park Avenue, Woonsocket, RI   02895.  Correct guesses received by February 18th go into a drawing to split the pot of dollars with the committee after King Jace is unmasked.


The unmasking of King Jace XXIII will take place at the Queen’s Coronation event on February 18th.