Tropical Storm Fay is about to make landfall. The National Hurricane Center says the storm is about 25 miles east-southeast of Cape May, New Jersey and moving to the north at 12 miles-per-hour. Maximum sustained winds are at 60 miles-per-hour. Tropical Storm warnings are in place from Delaware to Rhode Island.        Experts are warning the stress parents feel because of the coronavirus pandemic may harm the development of their children. Dr. Quianta [[ kee-Ahn-tah ]] Moore with Rice University says loving moms and dads are unintentionally lashing out at their children to deal with the stress. And when children feel stress, it impacts their growth. She says even infant brains are negatively affected when they're subjected to stress.        President Trump says the U.S. is still fighting the coronavirus outbreak. Trump is in the nation's hot spot for coronavirus infections, Florida. He made the remark at a roundtable discussion on Venezuela. Trump predicted the nation would do very well against the virus. Nearly 134-thousand Americans have died from pandemic-related complications. It's the second event today on the President's trip to Florida.        A large majority of Americans disapproves of how President Trump has handled the coronavirus pandemic. An ABC News-Ipsos poll shows 67 percent of the country disapproves of Trump's management of the crisis. In regards to how the President is dealing with the current race relations crisis, more than half of white Americans disapprove, along with 92-percent of black Americans and 83-percent of Hispanics.        United Airlines and its pilots have reached an agreement on early retirements and voluntary furloughs. The tentative plan is similar to packages offered by Delta, American and Southwest. It must be signed by the leaders of the pilots union next week. It comes after United warned of furloughing more than 30-thousand employees, including 22-hundred pilots.       A New York orchard is asking for people to donate perfume to protect pumpkins. The stronger the better. The owners of Soons Orchards in New Hampton say the perfume can scare off hungry deer and send them elsewhere. After putting the request out on Facebook, they assured customers it wasn't a joke, adding they'll take cologne as well. In fact you even get a reward for your donation, in the form of one Ida Red apple.