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Vice President Mike Pence says there is a reason for hope amid the coronavirus pandemic. Pence explained today hospital admissions continue to decline. He added they are seeing signs of stabilization in the nation's hot spots, including in New York, Michigan, Illinois and Louisiana.        President Trump is cheering America's testing of the coronavirus. He told reporters over one-point-eight million people have been tested for the illness. Trump explained he thinks the U.S. has more COVID cases because of the amount of testing and other countries not reporting results.        Acting Navy Secretary Thomas Modly is resigning after leaked audio showed he called the former captain of the USS Theodore Roosevelt "stupid." According to four defense officials, Modly offered to resign in a conversation with Secretary of Defense Mark Esper this morning. Esper selected the Under Secretary of the Army James McPherson to be the new Acting Navy Secretary.       Voters in Wisconsin have been confronted by long lines and closed polling sites all day. The Badger State is the first state to hold in-person voting since the coronavirus crisis exploded. Courts blocked Democrats from significantly extending absentee voting or postponing the primary election altogether.        Chicago's mayor said she's appalled at the high number of coronavirus deaths among African-Americans in her city. Numbers released yesterday show 72-percent of the COVID-19-related deaths in the city are African Americans and Lori Lightfoot said on MSNBC that's "absolutely shocking." She touted the city's Racial Equity Rapid Response Team which will feature people like medical professionals and those in the faith community.        Disney officials are already discussing the best way to go about safety allowing people into the theme park when it re-opens for business. Executive chairman Bob Iger [[ EYE-gur ]] spoke to Barron's and said one possibility is taking the temperatures of park guests before being admitted. He added that people have to feel safe when returning to a new sense of normal.