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One of President Trump's allies believes the impeachment trial could be over in days. South Carolina Republican Senator Lindsey Graham tweeted he's confident the trial will conclude on Friday. Members of the Trump defense team have concluded their opening statements and the phase in the trial will be up to 16 hours of questions from senators over the next two days.       The health of a Democratic presidential contender is going to be the subject on a new ad campaign. Iowa voters will reportedly talk about why Bernie Sanders' heart attack in October is a concern leading up to the 2020 election. The New York Times wrote the Democratic Majority for Israel super Pac will release the ad tomorrow.       Federal investigators at the scene of Kobe Bryant's helicopter crash are criticizing the FAA. National Transportation Safety Board member Jennifer Homendy says the FAA previously refused to follow NTSB recommendations to include "terrain awareness" systems in helicopters. She says Bryant's helicopter did not have a "terrain awareness" system.        A nine-year-old boy in Florida is in serious trouble with the law. The Ocala Police Department arrested the boy Monday for allegedly stabbing his little sister. The five-year-old girl had to be airlifted to the hospital but her current condition wasn't made clear.       Video games will soon come to life on vacation. Atari plans to open its own themed hotels in eight cities, each with the latest virtual and augmented reality technology. Some will also include space for esports events.