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President Trump is handing in written answers to questions from the Special Counsel in the Russia investigation. Trump's lawyers tell NBC News that the questions covered Russia-related topics. Investigators are also looking into any connections between Russia and the Trump campaign. The President criticized the inquiry again today, calling it a "witch hunt."       The New York Times says President Trump wanted to prosecute Hillary Clinton and former FBI Director James Comey earlier this year. Former White House Counsel Don McGahn reportedly explained to Trump that ordering a prosecution would raise allegations of abuse of power. It's unclear what charges Trump wants leveled against the two.        Stocks are getting slammed on Wall Street as the Dow Jones Industrial Average erased all of its gains for the year. The tech sector and shares of several businesses contributed to the declines in a major selloff. The Dow was down 552 points to 24-466 at the close of trading today.       The CDC is warning Americans it's not safe to eat romaine lettuce because of an E. coli outbreak. The alert, which comes just before Thanksgiving, urges consumers not eat, sell or serve any romaine lettuce. It's been linked to 32 infections in eleven states. No deaths have been reported, but 13 people have been hospitalized.       The Thanksgiving holiday rush is underway. Triple-A predicts more than 54-million Americans will hit the road this Thanksgiving to travel 50 or more miles away from home. That's nearly a five-percent increase over last year and the highest volume of drivers since 2005.        A NASA probe is set to touch down on Mars next week after a nearly 300-million-mile journey. The Mars InSight lander will be NASA's first attempt at landing on Mars since the Curiosity rover's nerve-wrecking attempt in 2012, which was characterized as "seven minutes of terror." The InSight lander will be the first to study the red planet's deep interior.