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The new, internal investigation of the FBI and the Justice Department is being expanded by an independent inspector general. A statement says the expanded probe will include "any irregularities" with the FBI or Justice Department's "tactics" linked to the Trump presidential campaign. The statement came after a private meeting that President Trump hosted with FBI Director Chris Wray, Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein [[ ROSE-en-styne ]] and Dan Coats, the director of national intelligence.        President Trump is discussing border security with some Republican governors at the White House. Trump said the nation's illegal immigration problem is, quote, "the worst anywhere in the world." He said "catch and release" policies to stop illegal immigration weren't working, and new laws will be needed to fix the problem.        Law enforcement in Texas is talking about the response to a deadly school shooting. Galveston County Sheriff Henry Trochesset [[ TRAH-se-SET ]] says Santa Fe ISD police and others encountered the suspect within four minutes of shots ringing out last Friday. Trochesset also says the officers kept the suspect from killing more people inside Santa Fe High by getting into a shootout with him.        Olympic swimmer Ariana Kukors Smith is taking USA Swimming to court on accusations that the organization covered up sexual abuse. Smith alleges that officials knew she was being sexually abused by coach Sean Hutchison when she was a minor. She filed the lawsuit today at the Orange County, California Supreme Court alleging that USA Swimming covered up the abuse and manipulated the background check system in Hutchison's favor.        A baboon that escaped its crate at San Antonio International Airport has been captured. The primate had gotten loose in a baggage handling area of the airport after arriving on an American Airlines flight. It was safely captured and returned to its cage.