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Nearly one-third of Americans who rent apartments haven't paid any part of their rent this month. Information released today by the National Multifamily Housing Council shows only 69-percent of tenants paid any of their rent between April 1st and 5th. The numbers are seen as evidence of just how many Americans are struggling to pay for necessities during the coronavirus pandemic.       A majority of Americans say the federal government has done a poor job of preventing the spread of COVID-19. A new CNN poll out today shows 55-percent of people surveyed say Washington's response to the pandemic has been poor. Just under half say it's at least somewhat likely that they or someone in their family will get coronavirus.       The Wisconsin National Guard says their work on Tuesday's state elections during the pandemic was successful despite stay-at-home orders. Over 24-hundred troops became poll workers in 71 of Wisconsin's 72 counties. The Wisconsin Supreme Court overturned the Democratic governor's attempt to postpone the contest because of the coronavirus pandemic.        New York Governor Andrew Cuomo says testing connected with coronavirus is the key to getting people back to work and opening up businesses. Cuomo has talked about a rapid at-home test to see if someone has the virus, and says a state-run lab in Albany has developed new antibody testing. It has to be approved by the Federal Drug Administration before being produced on a mass scale.        Passover begins this evening and the coronavirus pandemic is forcing Jews around the world to make big changes in the ways they observe the holiday. The biggest is the fact that the virus will keep families from gathering for the seder [[ SAY-der ]], the traditional, ritual meal that commemorates the Israelites' exodus from Egypt. The internet is filled with sites to connect people who are hosting a virtual seder.       The music world is paying tribute to the late John Prine. The influential singer-songwriter died at the age of 73 Tuesday at a Nashville hospital. He had been suffering from COVID-19. Music stars have been coming out to pay their respects on Twitter, including Bruce Springsteen, who called Prine "a songwriter for the ages."