January 8 and 22
February 12 and 26
March 11 and 25
April 8 and 22
May 13 and 27
June 10 and 24
July 15
One meeting per Bylaws
August 12 and 26
September 9 and 23
October 14 and 28
November 18
One meeting per Bylaws
December 16
One meeting per Bylaws
Meetings will be held at the Hamlet Building Middle School, Cafeteria located at 60 Florence Drive, Woonsocket, Rhode Island 02895 on the 2nd and 4th Wednesday of each month, except in July, November and December when only one meeting will be held on the third Wednesday of those months, per Bylaws amended 10/13/2004.
Additional meetings may be called by the Chair, as necessary, to conduct business for the Woonsocket School Committee. In the event the Committee desires to meet for a closed session prior to 7:00 p.m., the Committee will post the earlier time; however, the agenda posted for the public session will not be addressed before 7:00 p.m. The time and place of such meetings will be specified in the posting of the meeting notice and posted on the State and school department website, as specified in the mandated forty-eight hour period preceding the meeting, except for emergency meetings, which shall be subject to Chapter 42 of the General Laws of RI.
Meeting places will be accessible to the handicapped. Individuals requesting interpreter services must notify the Office of the Superintendent of Schools at (401) 767-4608 at least twenty-four hours in advance.
Approved by the WSC on July 17, 2019

Democratic impeachment managers are set to complete opening statements today in President Trump's Senate trial. House impeachment manager Adam Schiff [[ shiff ]] claims there is overwhelming evidence of President Trump's guilt and he must be removed from office. The California Democrat argued that Trump could do "a lot of damage" in the months before November's presidential election.       As his Senate impeachment trial rolled on in Washington yesterday, President Trump was at his Miami resort to kick off the Republican National Committee's winter meeting. Trump was there for around an hour meeting with Republican leaders before returning to D.C. The event was closed to the press and public.       A worker is missing after a huge explosion at a Houston business early this morning. The blast damaged nearly every home in the neighborhood, shattering glass and breaking garage doors. Officials say they can't begin to search for the missing person until they turn off the valves and make sure it is safe to do so.       Facebook is preparing for the Iowa Caucuses by protecting people from misinformation. Facebook's head of cyber security policy Nathaniel Gleicher [[ GLEE-ker ]] says teams are watching out for online trends that may be targeting public debate and the spread of misinformation. Gleicher says he has been working with election officials to respond as quickly as possible.       Lizzo says her music is for everybody. In a recent interview with Rolling Stone, the "Truth Hurts" singer was responding to criticism that she only makes music for white people. She said that as a black woman, she makes music for people from her experience as a black woman, music that hopefully makes people feel good.       The fine stationery store Papyrus is going out of business. It's parent company filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy yesterday in a Delaware court. Tennessee company Schurman Fine Paper announced that it was closing all 254 stores and that more than one thousand employees are losing their jobs.