WOONSOCKET, R.I.; With an anticipated heatwave approaching this week Mayor Lisa Baldelli-Hunt and Woonsocket Emergency Management are urging residents to take special precautions and note the availability of the established Cooling Center locations and hours in order to assist individuals if needed.

Woonsocket Senior Center: 84 Social Street

  • • Monday-Friday: 8 AM- 4PM

Woonsocket Harris Public Library: 303 Clinton Street

  • • Monday, Wednesday and Thursday: 9 AM-9 PM
  • Tuesday & Friday: 9AM-5 PM

Mount Saint Charles Hockey Arena: 800 Logee Street

  • Monday-Friday: 8 AM-4 PM
  • Saturday & Sunday: 9 AM-12 PM

Woonsocket Police Station/ Lobby Area 242 Clinton Street

  • • Weekends and Library/Senior Center Off Hours

Residents should be aware that the elderly, infants, and anyone with chronic health conditions may be more likely to suffer from heatrelated illnesses. If you experience extreme conditions call 911. In addition, remember to monitor the activity of all pets and to keep them safe, cool and hydrated. Frequently check on family, friends and neighbors.

  • Remember to stay hydrated by drinking plenty of cool water throughout the day and avoid caffeine and alcohol. Decrease strenuous outdoor physical activity
  • If you must exercise or work outdoors do so in the morning when temperatures are potentially cooler. Stay cool by utilizing ceiling fans, box fans or air conditioning units that provide air circulation


Albuquerque, New Mexico's Muslim community fears that a serial killer could be killing Muslim men. NBC News reported that an hour before his murder Friday night, the most recent victim had attended the funeral service for two of the other murder victims. They were both shot and killed in separate attacks days before.       President Biden is praising the Senate for passing the Inflation Reduction Act. Biden said the legislation will help lower the cost of prescription drugs, health insurance, and energy costs.       Indiana is the first state to approve an abortion ban after the Supreme Court overturned Roe v. Wade in late June. Under the law approved Friday, abortions can be performed only at hospitals or outpatient centers in cases of rape and incest within ten weeks of pregnancy. The ban takes effect on September 15th.       More than a thousand migrant families still haven't been reunited four years after the Trump administration's family separation policy at the southern border ended. The Atlantic says in 185 cases, parents who were separated from their children haven't been located. The magazine reports those parents probably were deported.       Secretary of State Antony Blinken is in South Africa today for discussions on a new strategy for the region. Blinken will deliver a speech at the University of Pretoria where he's expected to describe the United States' strategies for sub-Saharan Africa.       Some Toys R Us stores are coming back just in time for the holiday shopping season. The children's toy store has reopened inside Macy's locations in at least nine states, with all locations set to be open by mid-October. Toys R Us filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection in 2017.