The president of Kenya will be welcomed to the White House today by President Biden for an official state visit. The event will honor President William Ruto and mark the 60th anniversary of the U.S. partnership with Kenya.        Uvalde families are reaching a settlement with the city and county after a gunman killed 19 students and two teachers two-years ago in Texas. The families of 17 children killed and two students who survived will receive a city payout of two-million-dollars.       Senate Republicans are calling out Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer's plan to put a bipartisan border bill to a vote for a second time. Tennessee Republican Marsha Blackburn called the vote scheduled for Thursday a "political stunt" and vowed to block it. The bill would reform the nation's asylum laws and give President Biden the power to shut down the border once migrant crossings average four-thousand per day, among other measures.        Some House lawmakers want the Pentagon to rehire military servicemembers fired for refusing the COVID-19 vaccine. The House Armed Services Committee Wednesday adopted the amendment to the annual defense policy bill.        A Tampa man is going to prison for his role in the assassination of Haiti's president. A federal judge in Miami yesterday sentenced Frederick Bergmann to nine years for backing a military expedition against a friendly nation and breaking export laws. The 65-year-old shipped 20 bulletproof vests to a friend in Haiti, and those vests were used by those who killed Haitian President Jovenel [[ zhow-vuh-NEL ]] Moise [[ mo-EEZ ]] three years ago.        A George Floyd biopic called "Daddy Changed The World" is in the works. The family-authorized film has his daughter Gianna and her mother, Roxie Washington, involved as executive producers. Gregory R. Anderson is writing the screenplay, which will cover Floyd's life as the man whose 2020 murder sparked protests across the U.S. against police brutality. It's still in search for a director.