Museum of Work & Culture Unveils New Exhibition, Collaboration with Woonsocket’s Jewish Community


(WOONSOCKET, R.I.) – The Rhode Island Historical Society invites the press to the opening reception for the Museum of Work & Culture’s latest exhibition Mishpakha: Jewish History of Woonsocket.


Join us as we gather with former and current members of Woonsocket’s Jewish community on Wednesday, May 24 at 5pm to debut Mishpakha, which celebrates local narratives of worship, entrepreneurship, and social life in Woonsocket’s Jewish community. 


Beginning in the 1860s with the arrival of Woonsocket’s first recorded Jewish resident, the city became a hub for Jewish immigrants in Northern Rhode Island. At its peak, Woonsocket boasted a thriving Jewish population of over 200 families–a tight-knit group that was a crucial thread in the fabric of the bustling textile city. 


Mishpakha: Jewish History of Woonsocket provides visitors of all ages opportunities to learn about Jewish culture and traditions. Guests will be invited to ask questions, enjoy a diverse range of Jewish children’s books, participate in Jewish arts and crafts, and respond via words and images to thought-provoking prompts, all while discovering the rich history of this vital community. 




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