The Autumnfest Prize-A-Day Calendar drawings will take place every weekday in November on

WOON Radio (1240 & 99.3 FM) at 8:30 AM. 

On Mondays, drawings will take place for the previous Saturday and Sunday and that Monday.

Prize for Thursday November 1, 2018:  $25 Gift Certificate to Li’l General Stores & $25.00 from River Falls Restaurant.

Winner: Michael Carey  

Prize for Friday November 2, 2018:  Executive Car Wash Booklet ($108 Value)

Winner: Auray Doiron

Prize for Saturday November 3, 2018:  $25 Gift Certificate to Li’l General Stores & 1 month membership to The Gym, LLC ($45 Value)  Winner:  Alfred Bowers  .

Prize for Sunday November 4, 2018:  $100 Cash donated by Rep. Michael Morin     Winner:  Susan Corticelli

Prize for Monday November 5, 2018:  $25 Gift Certificate  to George’ Breakfast & lunch and $25 Gift Certificate to Ciro’s Tavern on Cherry    Winner:  Bill Murray

Prize for Tuesday November 6, 2018:   $25 Gift Certificate to Grumpy’s Restaurant in Bellingham & 1 month membership to The Gym, LLC ($45 Value)  Winner:  Marc Forcier.

Prize for Wednesday November 7, 2018:  $25 Gift Certificate to Li’l General Stores & a $25 Gift Certificate to The Broaster House Restaurant.  Winner is Terry Oates of Greenville

Prize for Thursday November 8, 2018:  $25 Gift Certificate to New England Steak & Seafood in Woonsocket & 4 Tickets to A Christmas Carol at The Stadium Theatre. The Winner is Brian Foye

Prize for Friday November 9, 2018:  $25 Gift Certificate to Kay’s Restaurant in Woonsocket $25 Gift Certificate to The Lodge Pub & Eatery in Lincoln.  Winner:  Michele Bocchini

Prize for Saturday November 10, 2018: $25 G.C. to Lil' General Stores and a $25 G.C. to Chan's Fine Oriental Dining. It was won by Linda Begnoche

Prize for Sunday November 11, 2018: $100 in CASH donated by Christopher J. Bouley, Financial Advisor, UBS. The winner is Virginia Brandao

Prize for Monday November 12, 2018: $25 G.C. to Lil' General Stores and a $25 G.C. to Ciro's Tavern. The winner is Patrick Karski

Prize for Tuesday November 13, 2018: $25 Gift Certificate to Kay’s Restaurant in Woonsocket and a $25 Gift Certificate to The Lodge Pub & Eatery in Lincoln.  The winner is Edna S. Lacroix

Prize for Wednesday November 14, 2018:  1 month membership to The Gym, LLC ($45 value) & $25 GC to Savini’s Pomodoro Italian Kitchen & Bar. The winner is Chris Harnois

Prize for Thursday November 15, 2018:  $25 GC to Aero Trampoline Park & $25 GC to Beauchemin Lumber. The winner is Dan Pollocel

Prize for Friday  November 16, 2018:  $25 Gift Certificate to Ye Old English Fish & Chips plus $40 Gift Certificate to Pepin Lumber The winner is Dennis Lauzon

Prize for Saturday November 17, 2018:  $108 Gift Certificate to Executive Auto Wash Car Washes.  Winner:  Stacey Theroux of Woonsocket  .

Prize for Sunday November 18, 2018:  $100 Cash donated by The Schneck Family     Winner:  Russell Couepel of Woonsocket.

Prize for Monday November 19, 2018:  $25 Gift Certificate  to Universal Cutts and $25 Gift Certificate to Savini’s Pomodoro Italian Kitchen & Bar.    Winner:  Jeff Brook

All of the gains on Wall Street this year are being wiped out by a sell off today. Some disappointing corporate earning reports are fueling a drop of more than 550 points in the Dow Jones Industrial Average. Retail giant Target lost more than 11 percent of its value today after reporting weak earnings. Leading tech companies Amazon, Netflix and Apple are also contributing, as the Nasdaq lost 120 points and the S&P 500 fell 49 points.        President Trump is turning over written answers to questions from the Special Counsel in the Russia investigation. President Trump's lawyers tell NBC News that the questions covered Russia-related topics. The investigation led by Special Counsel Robert Mueller [[ MULL-er ]] is looking into Russian meddling in the 2016 presidential election, as well as any connections between Russia and the Trump campaign.        Secretary of State Mike Pompeo [[ pom-PAY-oh ]] says it is a mean and nasty world out there as he is defending President Trump's statement on Saudi Arabia. The President seemed to indicate that the relationship with Saudi Arabia is too important to allow the murder of journalist Jamal Khashoggi [[ ka-SHO-gee ]] to change that.        The Michigan Attorney General is charging the former Michigan State University president in connection with the Larry Nassar sexual abuse scandal. The AG is claiming Lou Anna Simon lied to police when she denied knowing about the allegations against the team doctor for USA Gymnastics. She faces two felony and two misdemeanor charges.       An Ohio Republican leader says God is punishing California with wildfires for being a liberal state. More than 80 people have died and a thousand people are missing because of the wildfires in the past two weeks. Columbiana County GOP Chairman Dave Johnson made the post about God punishing the state on Facebook on Sunday.        Peas the turkey is going to survive this week. President Trump pardoned the turkey in the White House tradition today. The South Dakota-grown turkey will head to Virginia Tech to retire in peace.