Jan. 16, 2020        

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Speaker Mattiello releases statement on governor’s budget proposal


STATE HOUSE – House Speaker Nicholas A. Mattiello issued the following statement today regarding Gov. Gina M. Raimondo's budget proposal, received by the House of Representatives today: 

“Yet again, the Governor has presented us a budget lacking many details. I am very concerned about her proposal to generate revenue from the sale of recreational marijuana when she was advised this would not be an acceptable policy to the General Assembly. Over $20 million has been estimated, which is risky and short-sighted at best.
“Additionally, I am very concerned with the number of pervasive debt proposals which require a full vetting by the House Finance Committee.  We are disappointed at many of her suggestions, including the raising of taxes and fees, which had been previously rejected by the General Assembly.
“It’s no secret that I’m interested in maintaining the current law regarding the car tax phase-out. This is the second year in a row that the Governor has tried to tinker with the car tax. We must keep our promise we made to our constituents and taxpayers. Lastly, other local aid reductions are very troubling and will have grave consequences for some of our cities and towns.”  


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