January 31, 2020

Mayor Baldelli-Hunt Sets Out to Upgrade Main Street Municipal Parking Lot

WOONSOCKET, R.I.: Mayor Lisa Baldelli-Hunt is planning to improve the physical condition and traffic design of the Main Street Municipal Parking Lot located along Monument Square directly opposite the Stadium Theatre.
"This improvement project will surely benefit Woonsocket residents as well as visitors from all over who utilize this convenient parking lot, especially when visiting local businesses or the Stadium Theatre which offers a major prized cultural destination for our City as well as the Blackstone Valley and Rhode Island," said Mayor Lisa Baldelli-Hunt.
The Department of Public Works will assess the lot’s condition and review potential improvement options. The upgrade will likely consist of excavation, drainage, grading, paving and line striping. Also being considered is the improvement of the lot’s ingress and egress. Antiquated shrubbery and islands will be eliminated.
Featuring 108 parking spaces, the Main Street Municipal Parking Lot represents the largest of the City's ten municipal parking lots.
"The upgrade is long overdue," noted Public Works Director Steven D'Agostino. "This is another example of saving taxpayer dollars by undertaking this project in-house. We anticipate realizing a 40 percent savings."
Mayor Baldelli-Hunt said, "It truly is rewarding to see this DPW project scheduled for completion by City talent rather than outsourced. I would like to express my appreciation to the paving crew for applying their recently acquired talents to this project under Director D'Agostino's leadership. They really should be applauded for working efficiently and collaboratively with the Director."
The lot’s initial design offered only 23 spots until 1997 when the City extended its rear boundary towards Holder Lane to increase its capacity.
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