Celebrating Ireland in Story and Song
Saturday, March 14
12:45 PM - 2 PM
Woonsocket Harris Public Library


Harris Library, 303 Clinton Street, will host Celebrating Ireland in Story and Song with  Phil Edmonds, Kevin Fallon and Mary King on Saturday, March 14th from 12:45 PM - 2 pm. Come join us for an afternoon celebrating the music, hilarity and dance of Ireland. Phil Edmonds (originally from County Clare), is an (alleged) leprechaun who plays the tin whistle and button accordion with great warmth and spirit. Kevin Fallon (by way of county Roscommon and Mayo) is a soulful guitarist, fiddler and singer. Mary King (Up Donegal & Cavan) joins in with the fiddle, Celtic Harp and voice. She also teaches a beginning Irish step just before the program at 12:45 PM, so come early! Get your green on, warm up your voices and sit back and enjoy the 20th anniversary of the program. Free and open to all. For more upcoming events, visit www.woonsocketlibrary.org and our Facebook page.