Woonsocket City Council

PRESS RELEASE – March 16, 2020


Woonsocket City Council President, Daniel M. Gendron, issued a press release today advising that two City Council meetings scheduled for today (16 March 2020) have been canceled. Specifically, the Council’s Special Meeting scheduled for 6:45 pm in Second Floor Conference Room and the Regular Meeting scheduled for 7:00 pm in Harris Hall have been canceled.
Gendron said “In light of the evolving situation surrounding Covid-19 (the Coronavirus), coupled with the Governor’s recent declaration of a state of emergency and her requests to refrain from public gatherings in an effort to mitigate the spread of the virus, it has been decided that it was prudent to cancel this week’s meetings”.

Gendron said “the next regularly scheduled meeting is 6 April 2020 and that the Council will assess the situation at that time with respect to any additional cancelations”. Further, Gendron said he “doesn’t expect the Council or its sub-committees to hold any public meetings over the next couple of weeks in an effort to comply with the Governor’s broad request to avoid public gatherings for the next few weeks”.

Gendron apologized for the inconvenience but said “given the seriousness and the uncertainties of the current situation as it relates to Covid-19 (the Coronavirus), the Council believes it is best to err on the side of caution in the near term.”