June 2, 2020

Prepared for Civil Unrest Following Violent Social Media Posts

Woonsocket, RI; The Country and State is reeling from the officer involved death of Mr. George Floyd in Minneapolis. The Woonsocket Public Safety Department, including the men and women of the Woonsocket Police Department condemn the officer’s actions and the others who did nothing to prevent Mr. Floyd’s death. The Woonsocket Police Department believes in the fair and impartial treatment of all its citizen’s and visitors alike. Woonsocket Police officers do not use or authorize procedures or tactics to induce unconsciousness as a compliance technique within the response to resistance continuum.
Notwithstanding, the public safety department is aware of vast social media posts threatening violence, vandalism, and harm to police and local businesses and property. Although the police support peaceful protest, The Woonsocket Police Department is actively preparing for and will take appropriate action if violent and destructive behavior erupts. The Woonsocket Police will not tolerate violent, destructive, and lawless behavior threatening our public safety officials, residents and businesses.

Mayor Lisa Baldelli-Hunt, Public Safety Director Eugene Jalette and Police Chief Thomas F. Oates III refrained from implementing a city-wide curfew, we are recommending residents stay in their homes tonight for their safety and allow public safety to manage potential lawless groups. Please contact Public Safety Director Eugene Jalette for comment or concerns.