Submitted Press Release

Garrett S. Mancieri formally announces his intention to declare for the Woonsocket City Council in the upcoming 2020 election.

Mancieri previously served on the Woonsocket City Council from 2013 to 2016. During his tenure, the City of Woonsocket restored fiscally stability and exited the budget commission, avoided five years of tax increases with a reduction in both residential and commercial tax rates, several bond rating increases, and made key investments and improvements in the infrastructure, parks, and schools. Mancieri championed legislation to make Woonsocket more business friendly by eliminating or reducing regulations and license fees, introduced and supported pro-business zoning changes including the Downtown Overlay District that has attracted millions of dollars in new investment and new/expanding businesses, and also passed legislation that improved government transparency with a new City website and public solicitation for city council appointed boards. Mancieri has also worked at Woonsocket City Hall in a variety of special projects such as building a comprehensive commercial real estate database, a grant application for a new boat launch in Market Square, and a proposal to bring a higher education center to downtown Woonsocket.

"The City of Woonsocket has always had a special place in my heart hearing about what an incredible place it truly is from a very young age from my grandmother" says Mancieri. He goes on to say "I am asking for your vote so that we can improve the community that we all love. My campaign will be about how we can make Woonsocket thrive by working collaboratively to have real results and accomplishments that move our City in the right direction."

Mancieri has a strong pro-business record as a licensed Realtor which includes bringing eight (million dollar plus) projects to Woonsocket and helping more than 30 businesses start up or expand in the City. His focus for this new term will be on providing a better economy, especially for small businesses, as they recover from COVID-19 by reducing regulations, fees, and taxes as well as streamlining the way we do business in our City. Another focus will be on education, ensuring that all children have access to the best educational opportunities, and work in collaboration with the School Committee to improve test scores/graduation rates in all our public schools. He will also work on the City Council on ways to combat the opioid crisis and reduce domestic violence.

Often times, many may lose hope on politicians that they become so concerned with their own agenda and re-election effort that they lose touch with what their constituents. Mancieri has continued his dedication of public service in and out of elected office in order to remain part of the community staying active and informed on all the important issues. Mancieri has a strong record of working with anyone who wants to make our City a better place regardless of political party or ideology. He will be a strong advocate for fairness, equality, and promote all our communities that make up this beautiful diverse City and ensure that all feel this is their home, that their voices and ideas are heard, respected, and acted on.

In addition to elective office, Mancieri has served as the Executive Director of the Downtown Woonsocket Collaborative from 2015-2020 (Chairman 2015-2019), the Autumnfest Steering Committee 2017-2020 (Chairman 2019-2020), and a Board Member of many organizations including the WED Facility Sub-Committee, Woonsocket Head Start and Child Development Association, Sojourner House Community Board, Northern RI Board of Realtors, Main Street Holiday Stroll Committee, Levitt AMP Woonsocket Committee, and several other boards. Mancieri is a 2002 graduate of Cumberland High School and holds a bachelor's degree in Business Management from Rhode Island College. He is self-employed as a licensed Realtor for thirteen years. He is also member of many social clubs such as the Italian Workingmen's Club, Cercle Laurier, and Club Lafayette.

Please consider joining his campaign #GMforWoonsocket because action speaks louder than words and help him be elected to this office for which he will keep his promise to put progress before politics.