Providence, Rhode Island, June 11, 2020 -- The Rhode Island Public Transit Authority (RIPTA) will implement summer service changes effective Saturday, June 20, 2020.   RIPTA makes regular service adjustments three times a year in response to seasonal changes and/or passenger use.   


2020 Summer Service Changes

These annual changes are minor and include the start of selected summer services and trip time changes.  Summer services scheduled to start June 20TH include increased frequency on Route 67 (Bellevue/Mansions).


Service on Route 6 (Prairie/Roger Williams Park Zoo) has been extended later to accommodate night classes at CCRI Liston Campus in Providence.  On Route 35 (Rumford/Newport Ave.), the 5:50am Outbound trip will now depart at 5:40am in order to make a better connection to the 6:29am Inbound MBTA train to Boston from South Attleboro.



Passengers are strongly encouraged to check new schedules for how service changes may affect them.  The service changes and all schedule information is available on  Also, passengers may call customer service for information at 401-781-9400.



The following routes will be affected by summer service changes: 


3 Oakland Beach

4 Warwick Ave. 

6 Prairie/Roger Williams Park Zoo

19 Plainfield/Westminster 

21 Reservoir/Malls/CCRI

22 Pontiac/Warwick Mall

35 Rumford/Newport Ave. 

51 Charles/CCRI/Twin River

54 Lincoln/Woonsocket

58 Mineral Spring/North Providence

62 URI/Providence Station

67 Bellevue / Mansions

72 Weeden/Central Falls