Submitted Press Release

WOONSOCKET- On Wednesday, June 17, 2020, at about 4:00 p.m., officers were summoned to a multi-apartment building located at 706 Social St. to check the condition of two residents.

Upon officers' arrival, a check of the apartment revealed two (2) deceased individuals, located in separate rooms, identified as:

1) Tanya Gagnon, 44 years of age

2) Charles Johnson, 43 years of age

Each deceased individual suffered from an apparent single gunshot wound. Evidence in the apartment lead investigators to believe this to be a "murder-suicide;" Ms. Gagnon being the victim and Mr. Johnson the suspect. Autopsy reports are pending for formal cause of death for both individuals.

Our investigation thus far indicates that the two have been in a domestic relationship for approximately three (3) years and have resided together in this apartment since March 2020.

A review of local police records reveals no reported prior history of abuse or domestic-related calls for service between the two. 

Two (2) animals were located inside the apartment also; a dog and cat. The cat was deceased from an apparent gunshot wound. The dog was alive, unharmed, and is being held at the Woonsocket animal shelter.