Continuing with our sense of place theme, we would like to take you on a walk in the woods at the Cumberland Monastery.


On a recent hot day we found some needed shade and respite as we walked along the wooded trail at the Cumberland Monastery. Not only does it offer woods, but also wetlands, where you can listen to the chorus of frogs, and meadows with wildflowers like Queen Anne's Lace and Jewel Weed. Goldenrod will be blooming soon.


This is a great place to find a sense of biodiversity. Whether you are a birdwatcher, into plants and trees or insects and amphibians, you will find it here because of the varied habitat.


After the walk, we paused at the butterfly garden by the Senior Center where we watched two monarch butterflies fluttering in play.


The Cumberland Public Library is located on the grounds in the former monastery 'castle.' Why not stop and check out a book, sit and read in the Ruth Carpenter Memorial Garden.



The Senior Center as well as the Monastery Campus are undergoing some upgrades. Read about it here.