Woonsocket Harris Public Library

303 Clinton Street

Woonsocket, R.I. 02895

Elizabeth Dempster

Assistant Children’s Librarian                                                                               Telephone : 769-9044

                                                                                                                                                        Ext. 2

For immediate release                                                                                              June 19 ,2017

Registration for programs begins Monday June 26

Preschool Play dough time

Preschool Play dough time will be held on Tuesday July 11,2017 from 10:30-11:30 am in the Children’s Program Room.

Children ages 3-6 are invited to attend with an adult caregiver.

This will be a fun time for children to use creativity and imagination while playing with homemade playdough.

Please register by calling 769-9044 Ext. 2 or at the Children’s Room desk.

Registration begins Monday 6/26/17.


                         Woonsocket Harris Public Library

                       303 Clinton Street

                   Woonsocket, R.I.  02895    


Elizabeth Dempster, Assistant Children’s Librarian                                       Telephone :769-9044 ext. 2

For immediate Release                                                                                        June 19, 2017

Registration for program begins Monday June, 26

                                Book Buddies

                     The   Summer  Session of Book Buddies at the Woonsocket Harris Library will be  held  on Wednesdays July 12, 19,and26 @ 3-4 pm in the Children’s Program Room.

Each week Teen Readers aged 12-17 meet with Little Book  Buddies   entering  1st and 2nd grade  for one on– one  reading , coloring and puzzles. This is a great opportunity for teens to mentor younger children and fulfill community service hours. It is necessary for  the  teens  and  younger children  to sign up prior to the start of the program because we try to match a teen buddy with a little buddy for each session.    It is also a good way for early readers to practice their reading skills. Both groups should register at the Children’s Room Desk or call 769-9044 ext. 2.  Registration begins on Monday 6/26/17.