Mayor Baldelli-Hunt Encourages Local Shopping and Dining on

November 28th Small Business Saturday

WOONSOCKET, R.I.: Mayor Lisa Baldelli-Hunt today issued a proclamation declaring this Saturday (November 28th) as Small Business Saturday and urged Woonsocket residents to“Shop Small” in support of local businesses both on this Saturday and throughout the holiday season. Mayor Baldelli-Hunt stated, “We are still constrained by the global pandemic and it is more important than ever this holiday season to show support for our local small businesses, specialty shops, family-owned restaurants, barbershops and salons by purchasing products or services from them either in-store or on-line.” The Mayor urged, “On Small Business Saturday, get out and visit one of our small shops or restaurants that you have not been to before or support one of your old favorites. We have so many new small businesses throughout Woonsocket who can’t wait to show you what they have to offer, and so many of our established small businesses who are eager to welcome you back.”

The Mayor noted that participation in Small Business Saturday is a way to share the joy of the holiday season and contribute to Woonsocket’s local economy. In citing statistics that 68% of dollars shopped at local small businesses stay in the community versus 43% shopped at a national chain, the Mayor exclaimed, “Every purchase that you make at one of our local small businesses helps to keep their doors open and employees working. Sharing within our local community is what the holidays are all about!”

Mayor Baldelli-Hunt lauded local small businesses for their “herculean efforts” to keep their establishments and customers safe throughout the pandemic through maintaining social distancing and mask-wearing, sanitization of facilities and offering contactless ways to pay. She also commended them for creatively expanding their on-line sales capabilities. The Mayor emphasized, “Our local small businesses are making it safe for you to shop with them in-person but if you cannot get out, they have made it easy for you to shop with them on-line.”