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Statement from Attorney General Neronha expressing concern over CRMC decision allowing expansion of Jamestown Boatyard


PROVIDENCE, R.I. – Attorney General Peter F. Neronha issued the following statement today expressing the Office’s concern over recent action by the Coastal Resources’ Management Council allowing for an expansion of the Jamestown Boatyard, located in Jamestown, Rhode Island:


“The process by which regulatory agencies arrive at decisions, and the manner in which they support them, is critical. The process must be transparent. The findings of fact underlying an agency decision must be clearly stated in the decision and supported by the record. The failure to do any of these things erodes public trust and confidence, hinders the ability of a court to review agency decisions, and potentially leads to poor decision-making that can irreparably harm Rhode Island’s natural resources.”


“I am concerned that recent action by the CRMC, allowing for an expansion of the Jamestown Boatyard, implicates all of these principles. Accordingly, this Office has shared our concerns with CRMC in writing and requested that the Council carefully address them.”


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