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PROVIDENCE – The Department of Environmental Management (DEM) announces that annual fees for RI Pollution Discharge Elimination System (RIPDES) permits can now be paid online.



The online payment system, found at www.ri.gov/DEM/ripdes , replaces the previous paper-only payment system and offers permit holders a quick and convenient way to pay their annual permit fees. The new electronic payment option also helps customers streamline the reconciliation process and eliminates the possibility of lost or delayed mail payments.

Along with Individual RIPDES permits, Non-Contact Cooling Water General Permits, Remediation General Permits, Multi-Sector General Permits for Storm Water Discharges Associated with Industrial Activity, Municipal Separate Storm Sewer Systems General Permits, and Stormwater Construction General Permits can now be paid electronically via the new payment portal.


“We continue to work to deliver responsive, clear, and predictable customer service across the whole DEM enterprise,” said DEM Acting Director Terry Gray. “Compliance is the bedrock of environmental protection and of operating a successful sustainable business, and we are trying to make it easier for businesses and organizations to comply with environmental laws.”


The RIPDES program is the backbone of the state's water pollution control strategy, which includes developing and enforcing permit limitations for municipal and industrial wastewaters, storm water, and combined sewer overflows discharged directly to the waters of the state, as well as industrial wastewaters discharged to municipally-owned treatment facilities. The program currently oversees permit compliance for 23 major discharges, approximately 70 minor discharges, and approximately 250 storm water discharges. The RIPDES pretreatment program provides ongoing oversight of 15 approved local pretreatment programs. RIPDES permit fees are based on facility flow and the type of permit issued and range from $100 to $6,000 annually.


DEM’s Office of Water Resources and the RI Division of Information Technology worked together with the state’s contractor, Rhode Island Interactive, to develop the electronic payment option for annual RIPDES permit fees. 

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