Rep. Amore’s bill which makes AP tests accessible to all students included in FY 2022 budget


STATE HOUSE – Rep. Gregg Amore’s legislation (2021-H 5350) which makes Advanced Placement (AP) courses and tests more accessible to a greater number of students has been included in the FY 2022 state budget.

The bill calls for the state to pay the AP test fee for students who are unable to afford the cost.

“As someone who has taught AP courses, I am a firm believer in their abilities to engage our students and push them past their comfort zones in their educational careers.  These courses prepare our students for their future and they should be available to all students who are able to do the work, regardless of the student’s ability to pay to take the test.  At $53 per test, the current process was discouraging students in poverty from taking one or multiple tests, forcing the students to forego the college credits that they would receive after doing well on the AP test even though they have completed the AP class.  This bill will save money for our students and families that need it the most through absorbing the costs of the AP test and the possible college credits that would not have to be paid for by the student.  I thank my colleagues in the legislature for supporting this important bill for our students and families,” said Representative Amore.

The legislation would change the definition of advanced placement to mean a college level class taught at the high school level that provides students the opportunity to earn college credit upon passage of an exam. The bill also expands the reach of access to advanced placement courses to ensure that the opportunity to participate in the advanced placement program and gain college credit is available to the greatest amount of students.



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