Ranglin-Vassell condemns increased deportations to


earthquake-torn Haiti


STATE HOUSE – Rep. Marcia Ranglin-Vassell is denouncing an Immigrations and Customs Enforcement (ICE) plan to address a surge in migrants.by increasing deportations to earthquake-ravaged Haiti.

The federal agency announced last week it would increase deportation flights to Haiti as a crowd of more than 10,000 migrants, the majority of whom are Haitian, sheltered under a bridge in Del Rio, Texas.

Deporting them to Haiti, which suffered a 7.2 magnitude earthquake on Aug. 14, is an appalling mistreatment of human beings who came to the United States seeking safety, said Representative Ranglin-Vassell (D-Dist. 5, Providence).

“I vehemently condemn the inhumane and callous treatment meted out to the Haitian people fleeing poverty and subhuman conditions in the wake of the earthquake that devastated the Caribbean island a month ago,” said Representative Ranglin-Vassell. “I am calling on the Rhode Island congressional delegation to ask the Biden administration to immediately cease the deportation of Haitian refugees. I further call on the delegation to ask that the refugees be treated with compassion and be allowed food, medical care and a safe place to lay their heads. Our nation is not threatened by people who came to us seeking merely a better chance to survive. Haitians are asking us for protection from poverty inflicted on them by natural and man-made tragedies. I also ask that our delegation urge the Biden administration immediately stop using the harsh Trump Title 42 for deportations. We must have more empathy and humanity for our suffering neighbors.”