Rhode Island General Assembly

 Office of the House Minority Caucus



RI House Minority Reps Response to the Contracted Vaccine Bonuses for Council 94 State Workers


State House, Providence, RI - Members Rhode Island House Minority office offer the following statement regarding the ratification of the Council 94 contract that includes a $3000 bonus for vaccinated state workers:


People should be paid for their work, not their private medical choices. The hundreds of thousands of vaccinated Rhode Islanders should not be forced to pay bonuses to state employees who have also chosen to be vaccinated. The union’s role is to negotiate the best deal for their members – and they clearly have.  On the other hand, it is up to the Governor to advance the best interest of all taxpayers – and he has failed.

The Council 94 bonuses are estimated to amount to over $11 Million. Undoubtedly, other state employees will soon seek parity, which will soon cost taxpayers tens of millions dollars more. At a COVID press update yesterday, it was stated that RI is 94% vaccinated, one of the highest national vaccination rates. Clearly, this bonus provision is not geared to incentivize our unvaccinated population. Rather, it is an electoral gimmick cast on the backs of taxpayers. Rhode Island can and must do better.”